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Key Note--

What do you DO?

We are passionate about what we do, except --when someone else asks us what we do. How do we respond?  It is difficult to explain to someone outside this profession that what we do is AHHHMAZING! We make impacts.  We lay a crucial foundation for these children. Sometimes saying "Toddler teacher" just isn't the best representation of what we do. Join me for a session in how to explain what we do, and why it is so important to today's youth.  Arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to illustrate the rockstar that you truly are.

Key Note--

What Aren't They Listening to ME?

Are you a Director or Administrator who is ready to pull out your hair because staff aren't listening? Join me for a refreshing new approach on who your staff are, and how to communicate with them.  Be the Leader you are meant to be, while training the staff you need to have.

Circle Time Makes us CRAZY!

Why are the kids NOT sitting still?  Why is circle time so stressful for staff? Attend this session to learn some tips on how to refine your circle time to engage the kids and keep your sanity in tact!


Summer Curriculum Planning

It's Summer and you are flooded with children who need a little more in their day! Let's work together to develop an amazing, fun, and engaging program for the school-agers in your facility.

Let's Talk Toddler

This training is ALL about Toddlers!  Do you want to be a toddler guru? Want to find out how to lesson plan for this group, how to assess, how to keep them from overrunning the classroom?  Learn ALL kinds of tips and tricks to keep your sanity as a teacher. Join me to get some really great ideas!

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

We KNOW what we should be doing,but why is it so difficult to actually DO it?  With kindergarten readiness, parent expectations, staff turnover, and other factors, how can we keep a DAP program? Join me in a training that will help you implement and then communicate it to others that PLAY is the WAY!

Outdoor Learning Environments

Having outdoor time is critical for children.  Learn how to develop the outdoor area just like your classroom so the learning doesn't stop. This will aid your assessments as well.  Gather some great ideas to implement on your play area, without breaking the bank.

Staff Culture

As a Director or Administrator you have to juggle many hats.  Keeping qualified staff can be difficult, especially if you don't have a good staff culture.  Join me for some ideas on how to keep staff happy and less stressed for a better retention.